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This is the place where you can find out more about me in sentences! At the bottom of this page, you can either chose a different kind of describing or either click on a link on the left!

Me in the present

I’m Sarahtje aka FaeSarah aka SuperSarah but my real name is and stays Sarah. I was born on March 25, 1982 in Belgium and that makes me a 26 year old Aries.

At the moment I’m working in a rather big company in Eindhoven, where they make programs for the local governments like cities and towns. I have to help with problems that are occuring with these programs. It’s based on SAP and it’s very interesting to see how it all goes!!

In June 2004 I graduated in Computer Programming in Leuven. In this study(that took 3 years) I learnt to write computer programs that make working on the computer easier for you! At least that’s what we hope to realize!

Sarahtje’s History (the most important parts)

I have started my study back in September 2000 and in June 2002 I successful graduated from my 2 nd year. Sadly enough that was the time when bad things happened: I became ill. I got diagnosed with depression in September 2002. The reasons for me getting a depression were various but mainly because of how my parents treat me or don’t treat me.

Either way, I was forced to put my study on hold back in September 2002. In a way this was a big relief for me as my study became a flight to me from the daily life among my parents. As you can understand this ‘helped’ to make me even more depressed when I didn’t get any good results or at least not as good as I hope they would be.

It was somewhere in November 2002, that I came in contact with Anna, my therapist. She was and still is a gestalt therapist and one of their knowledge is that you can’t lie to them.. Well actually, you can tell them you are feeling well while you aren’t but they still somehow ‘feel’ how you really feel. Anyway, she learnt me lots and it was great to go to her. When I accidentally get to meet her, I still get a very warm feeling inside and somehow am happy for the rest of the day, without losing this happiness through anything at all! She’s a wonderful lady! It was back in January 2003, that she suggested me to try to go to school again and just follow the lessons without expecting anything at all! And so I did, I gave it a try and I went to school from Monday until Wednesday and this for 3 weeks. It was not easy but well, my will to go back to school had been activated and I felt I was ready to give it a try!

In our last year, we get to do an internship from February until May and I was also able to do this. I worked very hard on the company where I did my internship and they were happy with the final work!

In September 2003 I went back to school to do the first part of my last year, namely the theoretical part. It was very hard working and we had so many assignments that at times I felt really tired, but I held on, I knew this time it was for me. I really wanted to finish my study and get my degree! And see what happened: June came, and I made exams, did the best I could. The result was pretty good, and I still feel proud of myself for being able to finish that part of my life.

The love of my life

Through all those hard years, 1 person has been very close and very dear to me: my boyfriend Arthur. He has been there all the time, at times it was hard to be next to me and he wanted to give up, but I’m so glad he never gave up on me. I love him very much and our dream of living together became true in October 2004. That’s when we finally found, after looking very hard, an apartment which we liked and which was something we could pay. Arthur is born and raised in Holland , and that’s where we live together. I can’t hide the fact that I feel so happy about this!


One other thing that has been helping me lots is my first degree in Reiki. My Reiki master is called Kitty and she has been (and still is) very dear to me. She has been helping me through hard times and learnt that spirituality is something you can trust, no matter what. In my search for finding spiritual ways that fit me, I have been in contact with a girl from Rotterdam named Aafke. She learnt me to work with gems and how I could use their power to help me completely. These days, I still use gems and trust on their power. They know what to do and how to help me and it has shown me that wherever I am, I’m not alone.

My hobbies

I almost forgot to tell you all about my hobbies.. I can assure you that I have quite a lot if not too many hobbies!

First of all, there’s penpalling, I’ve started this hobby in the summer of 2001. I started with a few penpals but got interested in more and more countries and so I looked for more penpals. Sadly enough, it was somewhere in August when I realized that I couldnt continue with more then 70 penpals! I love them all dearly, but it was taking up too much time.. So I decided to reducde the amount of penpals to 25. I can’t help the fact that I feel better with this, I’ve never been so up to date with writing!! I write with my penpals via the old fashioned way. Using pen and paper and putting then a stamp on the envelop and then hoping it gets to its destiny! Every letter I receive in the mailbox is like receiving a gift. I love penpalling and no matter what the future might bring, I will always keep on writing to my beloved friends.

I love reading books, mainly thrillers though. You can be sure that if they’re written by the duo Nicci French, that Ill read them!! A few books written by them: Beneath the skin, The Memory Game , Killing me softly , The red room , and so on. I’d say, run to the library and rent one ๐Ÿ™‚ I also enjoyed books written by Stephen King. Though I had only the chance to read a few of them.. Carrie and Misery are the only ones I remember being read.. I hope to have more time in the future to read more of these great exciting books.. The very first thriller I read was Ten little Indians by Agatha Christie. Ever since then, I love reading thrillers ๐Ÿ™‚

Besides reading books, I love to listen to music. I could make a list of all the different groups I love, but I’m afraid to forget a few of them. So I’ll keep it to a little list. The ones that come into my head at the moment of writing. Get ready, here it comes: Lacuna Coil(gothic), Flowing Tears(gothic), After Forever(gothic),Plumb (Gothic/Rock), Garbage(rock), Faithless(dance), Hooverphonic(some kind of floating, dreaming rock/pop sound), Ks Choice(rock), Delerium(dance), Enigma(meditation music), Will Smith(rap), Chicane(dance), Manu Chao(happy music, I can’t place it it a genre, sorry!), Moby(pop/rock), Praga Khan(dance/rock), Jewel(rock), HIM(rock), Deus(rock), Tori Amos(rock), Within Temptation(gothic), Ambeon(gothic), Enya(meditation music), The Corrs(pop), Madonna(pop),.. Its possible you don’t know all of them, but since I more or less placed the genre between brackets, you can find out what I like. As you can see, its a whole lot ๐Ÿ™‚ (and I’m still sure I forgot some ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Next to music, there are also movies. I can’t say what kind of movies I love, since it depends on my mood. Some of the movies I really loved: The 6th Sense, The Tigger Movie, Armageddon, Independence Day, Men in Black, Monsters INC., What dreams may come, Se7en, Piglet’s Big Movie, Forrest Gump, The Matrix and so on ๐Ÿ™‚

I also love to spent time on internet; I love chatting, surfing(to interesting pages, for instance pages about Winnie the Pooh, ..), E-mailing, listening to music online, playing games online, the yahoo groups, blogging, …

I enjoy travelling as well. So far I only went to Greece , France , The Netherlands, Paris , London, Crete, Istanbul and Croatia . I hope to be able to see more of the beautiful countries in the world!

My family

Though this is quite a painful topic for me, it would be rather rude to not introduce them you to. So here’s a rather short introduction to them.

My family consists of my mother, my father, my sister and my dog.

My mother is called Christel and she’s works in a secondary school with teenagers from 12 until 18. She’s born in January 1952 which makes her exactly 30 years older then me. At the moment of writing she’s 55 years (old).

My father is called Erik and he works as a programmer at the company that supplies everyone with electricity. He’s born in September 1957 and he’ll be 50 this year!

My sister was born on January 1986 and she becameร‚ย 21 this year. She has been having troubles in finding a good study. She tried to study for a translator, but that was too hard. The next year she tried to study to become a journalist, but that was also too hard. Now she’s studying about beauty care and she passed this year. So I think she finally found something that fits her well!!

And last but not least, there’s my dog called Cleo. She’s born on August 26, 2003 so she’ll be 4 this year. She’s a wonderful dog and I wouldn’t want to miss her anymore. It was back in August 2003 that we had to put our previous dog called Gizmo asleep. He was ill and started to attack everyone, sadly enough. I do still miss him, but I feel very happy and blessed with Cleo being such a sweety!

Since 3 years, my parents decided to get another dog (also a Beagle) for the animal shelter. His name’s Kobe and I guess he’s 3,5 years old by now. To be honest, I can’t get along wit him very well, but that’s because we only meet from time to time, and not spend hours and hours like I did with Cleo. Since I moved out of the house, I often hear from my mom that Cleo misses me. When I call my mom, Cleo sits next to her, real close, as if she can hear that I’m on the phone. ย Whenever I come back home, she knows she has to behave, and so she does! She’s so cute!!ย 

In our apartment Arthur and I also have a small pet. We have a hamster called Miro. It’s a male and he’s so very cute and sweet to me. If he needs attention, he just does everything to get it! I think if he could yell, he’d do it too!! ๐Ÿ™‚

My future

As for my future, I have no idea what will come, but I know that along with Arthur, I’ll be able to get through every difficulty and become more strong!